Founded in 2018 by creative director, strategist, interdisciplinary artist, author, songwriter and lecturer, Wiracha Daochai.

With an impressive clientele ranging from global tech companies to international premium residences, beloved superstars, and MICHELIN Guide restaurants, NIMBUS has made headlines, dominated Bangkok streets, and captured screens billions of time.


NIMBUS is a one-stop shop, provides all-in creative, content and media solutions. Depending on the challenge, solutions will come through consulting, strategy, branding, content, design, digital, media and event.


  1. Futuristic Fusion: We synergize strategy, academia, and cutting-edge creativity into one powerful force.
  2. Result-Driven Innovation: We believe in ideas that generate tangible outcomes, seamlessly blending form and function.
  3. Global Excellence: Our communication sets a new standard of modernity, aligning with international benchmarks.
  4. Uncompromising Execution: From Keynote to billboard, we relentlessly pursue perfection with unwavering dedication.
  5. Authenticity Unleashed: We break free from traditional agency conventions, communicating with radical honesty.
  6. Boutique Distinction: Our human-centric approach combines meticulous control and unwavering passion, setting us apart in the modern landscape.
  7. Future Forged: We shape tomorrow's creative landscape, harnessing the power of technology and innovation to propel businesses to new heights.